Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too tired to do anything about it

I am tired today. I mean tired! I woke up tired and have not been able to walk 10 feet without feeling like I was going to pass out. I am tired of meeting lawn services, painters, fence builders, blind hangers, and inspectors. For every category I mentioned, I have had to meet three of them to get good estimates. That means loading Bennett up, completely throwing nap schedules out of the window and keeping track of her in an empty house for an hour for each meeting I have.

I am tired of packing in all of my spare time. I am tired of lugging boxes up and down stairs. I am tired of reading books. I am tired of farm animal noises (even though her new one is precious. For a rooster she says, "Cocka-oooohhh.") I am tired of washing sippy cups, going to the grocery store 4 times a week because I always forget something, and changing diapers. I am tired of the baby kicking me every time I lay down to rest and I am tired of going through 2 bottles of TUMS a week.

Are you all following me on this? I'm tired. So today, I did something I would normally never do. I pulled Bennett's high chair in the living room and let her watch cartoons while she ate lunch. I am not even going to feel guilty about strapping her in a chair and forcing her to watch TV while she eats. I need a break. And so now, as I sit on the couch with the laptop in my lap watching her eat, I am too tired to do anything about what she is doing right now.

She is staring at me, opening the front of her shirt and dropping her food piece by piece down the front of her shirt. When I tell her no and point to her mouth, she looks at me in the eye and down goes another goldfish. And you know what? I'm not getting up. Her Dad can just give her a bath tonight.

Okay, who am I kidding? I am borderline OCD and a clean freak. I must put an end to the madness. Maybe I will rest tomorrow.


Carmen & Eddie said...

LOL!!!! Ms B is a trip!!! I am sorry you are so tired- that is alot on your plate, but just think of the new house with all your nesting in place!!! When is the moving date? As fr the TUMS- not that bad yet, but have been eating them since way early with this pregnancy.... feel your pain!!! I wil be praying that you get the much needed rest!!!

Brittny said...

Girl, I have SO been there!!!! Just let her go. I did the same thing when pregnant with Sophie and I didn't have any of the stuff going on that you do! Get you some rest and get to feeling better. Love yoU!!!!!!!

Anna said...

break my heart! i wish we were closer to help you! dont you feel bad one second for letting bennett watch tv. tomorrow, try it during breakfast too! she cracks me up though! hang in there! you're doing great sweet friend!