Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dang, she's funny

Okay, I know every parent thinks that their child is hysterical, but Bennett really does crack me up. I could just throw the computer and TV out the window, because she is all the entertainment that I need.

Example #1. We all know that she tells our dogs to "GO BED" every time she sees them. Well, yesterday she took it to a whole new level. Rob and I went grocery shopping together because shopping with the whole family makes it a lot more fun, right? I was pushing the cart and he had Bennett in the stroller. I put a huge bag of dog food underneath the cart on that little shelf thing. (I don't know what else to call it.) I was looking at my list to see what was next and Rob said, "Ummmm... are you listening to our daughter?" I turned around and Bennett was staring intently at the cart and saying, "GO BED GO BED GO BED!" I looked at she was staring at the picture of the yellow lab on the bag of dog food and giving that poor picture it's marching orders. Even pictures of dogs aren't immune to Bennett's scoldings.

Example #2. She knows a few farm animal sounds now. I am going to post a video as soon as I get around to it, but if you ask her what a horse says she will say, "NAY!" and she will tell you that a cow says, "OOOOOO" and if you ask her what a chicken says, she will say, "Bock Bock Bock."

So, anyway, I feed her chicken a lot. She used to say the word "chicken" but now it's "bock bock." So the other night Rob was feeding her chicken nuggets and a banana. She would yell, "nana" and she would get a piece of banana. And then she would yell "bock bock" and she would get a piece of chicken. We laughed for about 10 minutes as she kept asking for more "bock bock." And now that's whatever she says when we go into a restaurant. I will pull out her little place mat and she will ask for some "nana" and "bock bock."

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Lori Mercer said...

I'll tell ya "bock bock" is the new chicken!! :) Bock Bock has been chicken in our house for almost 4 years now and the same for Meredith Brawner's house too! When I ask Katelyn what she wants for dinner it is usually bock bock or meat meat (hamburger). Everyone thinks we are crazy but when we explain they just laugh!