Friday, May 8, 2009

The Moving Story

I think I mislead a few of you when I said that we were moving again. We are moving, but not out of Kansas. When we moved in January, we moved into a rental house. We planned to stay here until our house in Montgomery sold, but a few things happened.

1. Interest rates are at an all time low and we could really save money by buying now. Plus you can get great deals on houses.

2. Our rental house turned out to be a house I didn't really want to stay in for another year. It has an amazing yard and is absolutely huge. But the rest is a different story.

3. And finally, I have this crazy nesting instinct going on and with all the change in my life, I just needed some stability. I wanted to paint a nursery, hang pictures on the wall, and do all sorts of things that would be hard if you were in a rental house indefinitely.

So, there you go. We are moving again in 3 1/2 weeks. We love our new house. It has a tiny back yard, but that is really the only draw back. And so now, in every spare second I have, I am packing boxes, picking out paint colors, getting estimates on blinds, etc.... And I will be moving when I am 9 months pregnant. Lovely. But I would rather do that then move with an active 1 year old and an infant so keep us in your prayers.

And here's another picture of Bennett in our front yard. The picture has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post other than the fact that I just wanted to post it. Look at this front yard and neighborhood that we are giving up! Oh, well. You'd understand if you saw the inside of the house. Oh, and see that red hair coming in? Like she had a choice.

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Unknown said...

Yay!! I'm so glad for you that you'll be able to have the nursery ready by the time you get here. As a pregnant woman myself, I know that is a wonderful feeling! Also, that picture and the one from yesterday of Bennett is adorable!!! She's is such a little cutie pie! :-)