Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uh oh, Bye-Bye, and a few steps

Bennett really does have an amazing vocabulary. I don't think Will has a chance of talking until he's 3 because he won't be able to get a word in. Bennett talks constantly. Her newest thing is to say "Bye Bye" to everything. When we read books, she will close them and say, "Bye bye book." When we are playing in the basement and walk upstairs she will say, "Bye-bye bay-min." That's pretty amazing to me.

She also loves to drop things and say, "Uh-oh." I know that's normal, but it is so funny when she throws her juice across the room. She will say, "UH-OH! Bye-Bye joos."

And I love the she associates words with things now. If we are in the car and she starts crying, I will say, "Do you want to go home?" and she will yell, "MEG!" She associates our dog with home. Every time we ask her about home she always says, "MEG!" Rob will ask her if she wants to watch Elmo and she will say, "Lalalala." Apparently she knows Elmo by his opening song. I am working on teaching her the opening tune to "The Office" but I guess it's not as catchy as Elmo.

Although her talking is pretty fabulous, her walking is still not. About 2 weeks ago she took 3 steps on her own. I called my Mom ecstatic and told her it would be any day now. Two weeks later, she will still take about three steps and that's it. She can walk from this ottoman we have to the couch completely upright, but that's as far as she will go. Rob keeps scooting the ottoman further out, and I think she might have done 4 steps the other night, but then she just crawls up on the ottoman and sits there and tells us to "Go Bed."

We have had to teach her "feet first" because she crawls up on everything. She now crawls up in her glider in her nursery, the couches, chairs, boxes, you name it. So, we taught her feet first and after a few tumbles on her head, she got it. It's so cute because she will be sitting on the couch, start to fall over and then mumble, "ffffuuuhhhh" which I can decipher as her version of "feet first" and she turns around safely.

Okay, I'm done gushing. Thanks for letting me go on and on about my baby for several paragraphs. I honestly think the hardest thing about this move has been taking Bennett away from everyone who loved her so much. I don't have anyone here to brag about my baby with, so this blog has at least allowed an adoring parent an outlet to share what's going on with her little one. I miss all of my family and friends in Montgomery who would delight in Bennett along with me and it gets lonely at times seeing all of these things by myself, so at least the Internet has allowed me to feel somewhat connected with my loved ones back home, and allowed me to share Bennett with those who love her as much as I do.


Anna said...

yippee! i'm totally impressed! and i certainly did not just write to many paragraphs gushing about our baby girl! we definitely rejoice with you in even the tiniest milestones! these are awesome! so proud of bennett. i'm so impressed with her sentences! wow! hugs to both of you!

Carmen & Eddie said...

Sebastian is on the the same boat with the walking... he refuses to walk solo!!! I try to stand him up and he makes his legs all jello, though give him somthing to push or a finger and he is running!!!

As for the vocabulary- that is AMAZING!!!! She is super advanced!!! Had you annouced the baby's name previous to this post? Is that who Will is? What is the full name?

Exciting times!!!