Saturday, May 16, 2009

The beginning of the end

It's almost all over. My days of getting by without her noticing things I mean. I can still sneak some things past her, but that's getting less and less every day.

I can't take her to the grocery store. She notices when I put bananas in the cart and yells, "nana" over and over until she has a come apart. I took her into a store yesterday and she kept grabbing toys off of the bottom shelf since she was in her stroller. I kept taking them from her and placing them back which didn't affect her until she saw a toy Elmo. When I took Elmo from her- well, let's just say we made a quick exit from the store.

Also, I turned her car seat around. I know, I know... they say now to wait until they are 2. But, we did. Now I slightly regret that. I can't stop at Sonic anymore. I crave a cherry limeade almost every day. Now, when I get one, she cries out "juice!" until we get home. And I am not about to order her anything from Sonic, so those trips are over. I tried giving her a sippy cup every time I ordered something. That worked for about 2 minutes. The she would drop it, yell "uh oh" and cry until we got home because mommy had "juice" and she didn't.

I am glad she is growing and learning. But is it wrong to miss the unobservant baby who you could do just about anything in front of and not feel guilty? Oh, well. I have another one of those coming. I'll leave Bennett with Dad and take the baby to Sonic. Then I can drink whatever I want and he will be facing the back and never know what he is missing.


Lori Mercer said...

ROFL! I love it - a "come apart"! At my house that's a "fit"! :)

Amanda said...

TWO? Are you KIDDING? At 10 months, Chase was too long... his poor little legs were SMUSHED. I waited till the day after he turned 1 to turn him forward facing, and it made car rides so much more enjoyable for him. Poor guy.

Seems like she's right on track though!

And I agree that your terminology for all heck breaking loose being "come apart" is hysterical. I refer to them as gorilla/monster hybrids and refer to their "come apart"s as MELTDOWNS and IKINDAWANNAHURTYOUs. So, kudos.

Courtney said...

Ok, I had to ask. Is Bennett 20 lbs yet? If not please turn her back. My stomach lurched at that. You know I am just worried and trying not to be a car seat nazi. Plus, then you could get Cherry limeade....
If she's 20 lbs then never mind!
I can see why being 8 months preggo it would be easier to put her in forward though, so I feel your pain!

Lauren W said...

Court- I love you!! She is over 20 lbs. She is just over- I think she is right at 21 or just a little under. That's why we waited until she was almost 15 months. I wanted to turn her around the day after his first birthday, but she was still at 18 lbs and a few ounces then.

I had definitely wanted to wait until she was closer to 2 especially since she is so little, but believe me, it was time. :-) And she met the weight requirement, but it does make me a little nervous.

Carmen & Eddie said...

I think sonmetimes these limits are over done... we turned Sebastian around shortly after his first bday. As for the Cherry Limeandes- THOSE ARE MY FAVORITES... preggo or not!!!! You should get hubby to pick one up for you on the way homw since you are having to cut those trips!!