Wednesday, May 27, 2009

15 month stats

Bennett had her 15 month check up today. I am here to say that letting Nurse Ratchets stick needles into your child does NOT get easier as they get older. I thought that maybe as she got older I could handle it better, but it's quite the opposite. Now she can throw her arms around my neck and sob, "Mamama." Sigh...

But anyway, my little girl weighs 20lbs and 4oz which is in the 10% for weight. She is 30 3/4 inches long and her head circumference is 18" and both of those put her in the 50% range.

She is doing wonderfully with her verbal skills. In fact, she repeated everything the doctor said to her which was awesome. The doctor blew bubbles on her and she said, "bubble." The doctor gave her a toy duck and she said, "Duck-ah." And pretty much any word or farm animal sound I asked her to say, she would, so that was good. However, she is still not walking unassisted. Grrrrr...... Girlfriend is on a 5 week deadline b/c I cannot carry a car seat with an infant and a 20 lb toddler around. But she walks with her little stroller, her car, and when you're holding her hands she can walk, so hopefully in 5 weeks we will be good to go. If not, we are never leaving the house.

So, we survived another check-up and another round of shots. I cannot believe I held this tiny pink bundle 15 months ago. I can't believe how much our lives have changed this past year. All I know is that through all of the change and craziness, she has been our constant and our joy and I cannot imagine one day of my life without her. Here are a few shots of my beautiful and healthy and happy 15 month old with two of her favorite playmates.


Courtney said...

Grady walked at 16 months, so I think your 5 week deadline is reasonable. ;)
Have you tried telling her to walk? I know that sounds totally nuts, but that's what finally got Grady to do it. He was very verbal like Bennett, speaking in sentences by 18 months, and one day I said "Grady, get up and walk over here." He did it! I was floored. Then he looked at me like "what? I've been able to do this for months, I just had no idea you wanted me to!"

Unknown said...

sweet, sweet pictures!! I am sending walking wishes your way. :)

Carmen & Eddie said...

Yeah to a great check up!!!! I hear you on the shots- I do not think they get easier!!! Sebi did not start walking until 15 months and 2 weeks and my nephew did dot walk until 16 months!!! Soon enough she will be off and going and you will wish for the none walking days to come back!!!