Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daddy's girl

Bennett LOVES "Dada." I mean I cannot tell you how much she loves him. When he was the worship leader at our church, she would kick every time she heard him sing. At 21 weeks I would walk into the Worship Center and she would be very still. Then Rob's voice would come through the mic and all of a sudden she would do flip flops.

When I was in the hospital with the blood clot, I was hooked up to fetal monitors to track her movements. There wouldn't be a blip on the screen until Rob walked into the room. All of a sudden the machines would record tons of movement. I have witnesses to this so people would actually believe me.

When Bennett was 2 minutes old, she was crying (obviously) and they took her over to be cleaned. Rob followed and started singing to her. She stopped crying and stared at him and held his finger.

Fast Forward 14 months later and nothing has changed. If the phone rings and it's not "DaDa" on the other line she has a complete melt down and cries for him. Every time she hears a door, a phone, a garage door opening, it must be, "Dada." They have a relationship that is so beautiful to watch and I am so thankful for a husband that loves his little girl so very much.

Maybe I should have saved this post for Father's Day. But in our house, that tends to be every day.


Unknown said...

that is so sweet! I hope they will always have that :)

Carmen Andres said...

oh man, that's exactly the way it is in our home! my hubby loves to tell the story of how our daughter's eyes locked onto his the very instant she saw the world for the first time. that bond is a beautiful one.

The Khans said...

so cute!

Anna said...

so sweet! i always love your posts! they make me smile! :) what beautiful pictures!

Elliot said...

That makes my heart melt!

terrymary said...

Way to go, Rob. Enjoy every minute! Great photos, too.