Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Today is Bennett's first birthday. Since I am feeling pretty sentimental, I will save my gushing for my journal. I will say though that this past year has been the best of my life. I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much until I met my sweet baby. I don't know where this past year has gone. I am not sure when cooing turned into squealing. I can't tell you the exact day she rolled over or sat up. I don't know when the last day was that we could just leave her in the middle of our bed or just laying in her boppy. I am not sure when babbling turned into real words. It all just happened. And now instead of a tiny infant, I have a thriving and beautiful explorer.

Happy Birthday, sweet Bennett. You have brought more joy to your parents lives than you will ever know. We love you so much.

With Daddy one year ago today

With Daddy a few nights ago




Anna said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bennett!!!

Courtney said...

WAAAAAAHHHHH! not only can I not believe she is one because it doesn't seem like long enough, but I am also sad because it means my baby will be one in only 2 months!
Happy birthday sweet Bennett! Try to have fun today Lauren, although if you are like me you will be hiding in the corner trying not to cry. Have wine. It helps.

terrymary said...

Happy Birthday, Bennett! You have experienced so much change in your first year of life and the exciting news is that it will keep changing. This next year you will meet your new brother, learn how to share, and see your parents hearts expand larger than ever - making room for all that extra love coming their way. I'm sorry you missed the snow - because today we have 3 inches already and it's still coming down. You are in Alabama and by the time you get home to Kansas I'm afraid it will be gone. But I'll try to run by and take a picture of your house for you today anyway. Enjoy your visit with your friends & relatives in Montgomery and tell them Aunt Mary & Uncle Terry say "hello."

Amanda said...

I see some hair!!

Shauna said...

Precious! Happy Birthday :) I am new here! What a great blog :)