Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My active little charmer

First of all, I love all of your responses to the video below. It took me a long time to post it because I didn't want to embarrass my grandmom. She is the most amazing woman I know and she has been a second mother to me my whole life. But after sitting on it for awhile, I decided that I had to show it. It is too classic. Plus she only said out loud what everyone was already thinking. :-)

So, is every 11 1/2 month old as active as my daughter? We can't take her anywhere. She climbs out of her stroller, she climbs out of her high chair, she climbs out of the grocery cart... We need a straight jacket to leave the house. She is also climbing up stairs and climbing over baby gates. And when she's not climbing she is charming everyone around her. At restaurants she stares at other people until they notice her and then she smiles and smiles and blows kisses to them. Just yesterday we had the entire wait staff surrounding her high chair and she was "kissing" all of them. As soon as they left and the attention wasn't on her, she tried to climb out. I wonder where she gets that?

She also talks constantly. She can say bye-bye, duck, baby, balloon, Piper, Meg, Kirby, Dada, Mama, and so much more. Of course they are her versions of the words, but we understand her. I love it when she sees our dog Meg in the morning and just starts screaming, "MEH MEH MEH MEH!" And then she will see out other dog Kirby and laugh out loud and say, "KUH! KUH!" They love her and will run right to her and it kills me every time.

She also understands everything you tell her. If you say, "Where's your penguin?" she will go get the penguin. She does the same thing with books, her baby doll, her books, etc.. It really makes me nervous that she can understand so much of what I tell her. I probably need to be careful. Especially when I am yelling at some contestants on "American Idol." I hope her next words aren't, "Go home!"

I didn't mean for this to be a post gushing about Bennett. But I guess I have become one of those Moms who gushes. I can't help it. Besides, who can resist this smile? Not me, not certain waiters, and definitely not MEH and KUH!


Courtnie Johnson said...

I love when they start to understand! Grey used to love the book called Violet's House. Every time we'd say "Where's Violet," he would crawl to his room and drag the ginormous book back into the den. They grow up TOO fast!

Erin said...

Gush all you want!!! We all do :)

Kelsey said...

that is too adorable. she is growing up so fast. and she is getting more and more beautiful every time i see a new picture. well i hope all is well.

Keri A. Ward said...

how precious!! I hope that I someday have a happy baby like Bennett!! :) But I tell you one thing...I think all this joy comes from being sung to while she was in mommy's tummy. Whatcha think? :)

I love that pic of her.

Carmen & Eddie said...

You have been blessed with a charming, talented, beuatiful little girl!!! I feel for you with the little monkey you have on your hand... I will say not all are as wiggly as yours- yours is special:) But that independance will come quit handy in a couple of months when she becomes mommie's little helper!!!

Anna said...

you gush all you want!!! i love reading about your sweet baby girl. addie has a lot to learn over the next 2 weeks to catch up with Bennett!!! she's a smart little cookie! :)