Saturday, February 21, 2009

Having a baby while raising a baby

Being pregnant is annoying. Everyone knows that. There are a few women who say they never felt better than they did when they were pregnant. I do not like these women. I try to avoid them at all cost and I don't want my husband to be around these women. Then he starts to suspect that I am complaining unjustly. So, I surround myself with people who find it as miserable as I do. However, I must say that it is different being pregnant when you don't have any children. Being pregnant with an 11month old presents a whole list of annoyances that did not occur the first time around. I have listed them below. But I will probably forget a few. Because I am pregnant, and that's what I do.

1. Now when I am hungry all the time, I steal her food. I used to try to eat fruit and vegetables. Now I am eating fruit snacks, cheerios, and anything else I can get that's on her food tray when a craving hits. She does not like this and swats my hand. I swat it back and take her last goldfish.

2. When I am curled up with Bennett reading books, I inevitably have to go to the bathroom. I have finally gotten her into a comfortable position, her eyes are droopy, my voice is soothing, and then all of a sudden, "Ummm... Bennett, here, hurry, get on the floor, play with your toy, Bennett..HURRY! Mommy will be right back." And then I run out of her room leaving tears of confusion behind me.

3. When I was pregnant with B, I was working and my boss was great about letting me take an extra half hour for lunch to nap, or I could nap every Sunday afternoon. Now, the second I lay down, she wakes up. And she really expects me to play with her. I look at her and say, "Really? You want to go there?"

4. I am irritable and I can't take it out on Bennett, so now the poor subjects of my anger are the dogs. Sometimes I get so annoyed at them just for breathing.

5. I have no nesting instinct. When you don't have a baby, you want everything to be perfect. I spent every day painting, buying furniture, folding newborn clothes, getting her bookshelves ready. Her crib was perfect with brand new sheets washed, ironed, and waiting on her. Now, I am so busy with her, I think, "I hope the kid doesn't come early. And if he does, he can hang out in the bassinet for a few months."

6. Sometimes when I am rocking Bennett at night, I fall asleep while rocking her. If I don't have to put her down suddenly to run to the bathroom, I fall asleep. She looks at me and starts pulling my face. I look at her and think, "One day, it will be your turn, and I'm going to laugh."

7. The insomnia is kicking in again. But I don't get to sleep the next day like I did before I had her. I am kicking around the idea of waking up B with me in the middle of the night. That way she can play with me when I have energy and sleep the next day when I'm exhausted. Good idea, right?

8. It is no fun when Bennett is crawling all over me and her little brother starts kicking. Humans are not meant to be kicked from the outside and the inside simultaneously.

I know there are more, but this is getting too long. Let's just hope that if there is ever a number 3, I will have 2 children way past their baby stage! But that's what I said the first time.

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Amanda said...

Um... you can refer Rob to me, or my blog.

Being pregnant sucks, is hard, and oh yes... sucks. It's hard. Did I mention that already?

Read the letter I wrote myself on my blog if you haven't already. Anytime I feel the "urge" for another wee one, I read that letter and it reminds me of how much being pregnant really does stink.

Eat lots, drink lots of water, sleep ANY TIME YOU CAN, wear the same outfit 4 days in a row to avoid laundry, invest in disposable cups, plates, and silverware, and FORGET about housework until you get the chance... or you get a maid... or the kids turn 18...