Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now and Then

As we get closer to my baby girl's first birthday, I continue to be sentimental and wistful. Rob would say that I am just plain mushy, and he's probably right. I will say that I am sadly so proud of the fact that I am up to date with her baby book. I have been rather obsessive about it. I had 5 pages done before she was born, for crying out loud. But I finished January and have already scrapbooked half of February. But it was either that or have her baby book be like mine. My Mom put in my weight a few times, one picture, and that my first word was cracker (which it was not!) So I guess I'd rather be slightly OCD than her not have one at all. Now her baby brother is a different story. I think his may look a little more like mine. Anyway, here are my now and then shots for the week.

Bennett sleeping at 2 weeks with her hands up in the air

And yesterday during her afternoon nap

Some things never change. Thank goodness.


Unknown said...

Wow...they just grow so fast! Congrats on the baby book...that's quite an accomplishment! I hear you on the second one though. Anna's will probably be a little sparse compared to Ella's. :-) Are you still feeling good?

Anna said...

i LOVE this idea...i cant wait to copy you ;) and do it for addie. well, i can wait bc i'm not ready for her to turn one yet!