Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Crib

Having two kids so close together has sparked a debate in my family. Two cribs or one? After going back and forth for many days, we bit the bullet and ordered another crib. It came in yesterday and so here is Bennett checking out her little brother's new digs.

And don't worry. After a couple of bumper pads, some stuffed animals, and some sort of mobile, it will be completely fabulous.


Kelsey said...

that is to cute

Erin said...

So crazy to see you write, "her little brother"!! YIPPEE! Another boy in the family!

The Brewteam said...

Just to make you feel a little better... We have 3 cribs.

Stacy said...

Works for puppies. Why not? Line it with newspapers and forget about diapers. I applaud your practicality.