Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you, Mommy Suttle!

My Mom left today to head back home to 'Bama. I know what some of you are thinking, and yes, she was here for 7 weeks. We didn't plan it that way when we moved, but it was wonderful. Both of my parents came out here with us on January 3rd to help us move in and get settled. And they were supposed to leave just 3 days after they got here. But when that day came, we all realized that we needed some extra help. We really only needed an extra week or so, but my Dad was coming back in February for a business trip and we just decided she would go back then. It didn't make sense for her to go back and then turn around and come right back a few weeks later. Especially when we were so happy to have her here.

But anyway, she left this morning and I miss her already. Because she was here, we were able to do all of the moving errands you do without lugging Bennett in and out of the freezing temps. And she helped me with the transition. If she had left 7 weeks ago, I can't imagine how isolated and lonely I would have felt. But I have been able to get out, meet people, join a Bible Study, run errands, etc... Also, she has been great company to have at the house. Until we moved here, I have never not worked. Being home all day has been a huge adjustment in of itself, and then to be home all day in a new place with no friends would have been very hard. So, it was nice to have a friend here. Someone to talk to, to eat with, to shop with, and to to help take care of Bennett.

Anyway, this is getting long, but I wanted to publicly thank her for all that she did for us and for making this transition so much easier and smoother. And besides, we will see her next week when we go home for Bennett's first birthday. :-)Thank you, Mom. Bennett is waving at your picture and blowing kisses to the computer screen.


Amanda said...

Wow! 7 weeks of help? Sign me up!

Anna said...

your mama's so sweet! i can't believe bennett's about to be one (therefore i cant believe addie's about to be one). where has the time gone! we miss you!!!