Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Girl

We made it to Alabama and are so incredibly happy to be here. We survived the plane ride with the world's most active baby and got here in time to get ready for her party. I really don't have many pictures to post from her big shin dig. That's because we barely took any. We were too happy to see our old friends and watch Bennett enjoy her day, that we forgot the camera. Oh, well. All I can say is that we had an absolutely wonderful afternoon. Not only was it so good to see friends that we have missed so very much, but it was such a wonderful feeling to have Bennett surrounded with people who knew her and loved her during the first year of her life. It was a very special day for all of us and maybe if any friends reading this took pictures, they will send some my way. Until then, here are a few that somehow made their way on to my camera.

Our birthday girl

Bennett seeing her cake for the first time. Notice the smile on her face. And my sister taught her the word "cake" and now all she says is "ca, ca, cake."

Hey Mom, this sugar stuff is great. Why haven't I had any of this before?

Playing in her new playhouse after everyone had left


Keri A. Ward said...

how SWEET!!! Im loving the fam photo at the top! Yall look sooo joyful and you just look stunning my dear. ;) I really hate that I missed it, it looks like yall had a blast! I cant wait till Tuesday! :)

Carmen & Eddie said...

Celebrating the first year of life is so great:) I am glad you guys were able to go home and spend it with family and friends:) BTW you look AMAZING!!!

Erin said...

I am so glad that everyone had such a wonderful time at Bennett's party. We hate we couldn't make the drive down this weekend. Enjoy being back in Bama! Wish I was there with you.

Brittny said...

I love her little red head!!!! Happy belated birthday, girl!!! I haven't met you, but I love you like I have! : )

Anna said...

sweet big girl! i'm so glad ya'll brought the snow with you :) i think you look VERY put together...but i love the inside out shirt. you crack me up!