Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She wants to be like me

After sleeping 14 hours last night (!!!!) a groggy Bennett was in her high chair awaiting breakfast. She already told Meg to "GO BED" in a grumpy voice. Some of you have asked and yes, she gets that from me. I am constantly telling our golden lab to go to her bed. She has a dog bed in our living room that we send her to about 30 times a day. I guess my voice gets louder and meaner when I say it because Bennett yells "GO BED" in a rather unpleasant voice. Talk about your kids holding up a mirror to you. Yikes.

So, anyway she was sitting in her chair waiting for her food to cool down. I cut up her english muffin and cheese into small bites and was blowing on each little bite to cool it down. Bennett had a few cheerios in front of her to nibble on while her real breakfast cooled down. She started to pick up each cheerio one by one and blow on them before she would eat them. Words cannot describe how cute it was.

Sleeping 14 hours, blowing on her food, and yelling at the dogs. That's my girl.

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Anna said...

haha! too cute! i can just see it!