Friday, March 6, 2009

One Year Stats

You know how people say that they are at their wits end? I think yesterday I figured what exactly would cause me to be at the end of my wit. It was sitting in a tiny 8x12 waiting room in a doctors office for THREE hours! It was little B's one year check-up and I will die 5 years before I am supposed to because of yesterday afternoon. I will not go into details, but all I can say is I am so very thankful for the rolls of sanitary paper on the table where they exam the babies. That killed about 20 minutes for us. The faucet on the sink killed another 12, the knob on the window sill knocked off a good 8, and so on and so forth. By the time they finally stuck the vaccination needle in her, I was crying as loud as she was.

Anyway, she now weighs 18 lbs and 13 oz. which puts her in the 15% for weight and her height measures out at 29 1/4 which puts her in the 55% for length.

She is talking way too much. Of course she is. Look at her Mom. I was the one that got straight A's in 2nd grade except for conduct. I got a C. I talked too much. Her vocab is typical for an 18 month old according to Dr. Simon. She can say over 20 words and repeat almost any sound you say to her. In fact when our dear doctor was talking to us nonchalantly over her sobs, she kept looking at him and would yell, "Night night! Night night! Night night!" He didn't get the fact that we were 2 hours past her nap time. He kept talking. He will never know how narrowly he escaped having a stuffed Elmo flung at his head.

So, I am proud of my "verbally advanced" (his words not mine) and cranky 12 month old. Now, she can't use utensils or walk yet. Maybe I should work on her motor skills instead of talking to her so much. But she's the only one who'll listen without talking back, so I guess she'll have the vocab of a 12 year old before she can drink from a sippy cup. Oh, well.


Brittny said...

I am so sorry! I am so so so so sorry!!!!! That should not be allowed. But way to go on the verbal skills! Sophie only says 3 words and her fourth is somewhere between "dat" and "duh" is usually about a truck or a digger. Can you tell what she's been playing with her brother? I just laugh. What can you do? I'm so glad you survived and she passed with flying colors!

Brittny said...

hey, one more thing, can you give me your new email address and tell me how to do my blog list like yours? i can't figure out how to have it show when they were last updated.

The Khans said...

Oh my goodness. I think I would have walked out. I can't believe you were there that long. At least you got a good report on Bennett. Hey, also, what is your recipe for crockpot beef roast? I want to make it, but always just make something up close to what I think it is. Thanks!

Erin said...

I am pretty sure I had something to do with that "C" in conduct!! So sorry about that :)

Anna said...

ugh...i'm so sorry :( that had to be miserable. how were you still nice by the time the dr came in? i'm totally impressed with her language skills. dont worry about the walking or sippy cup...that will come! but i must declare that i think she's brilliant! (and i'm not being sarcastic) my child is the size of a 19 month old (or was at 9 months)...but she just announced her 3rd word 3 days ago...TAT (, i mean). so...again, i'm very impressed! :) and she's not walking it's all good!