Saturday, March 21, 2009


We just got back from church. Yes, church on a Saturday night. They have 5 services throughout the weekend at COR (Church of the Resurrection) and we really enjoy the Contemporary service which is held on Saturday and Sunday evenings. And I have to say that as I sat in the service tonight, I was so proud of my husband. The sermon was all on video and was taped in the Holy Land last week. My sweet husband was in charge of editing it and getting it ready for this Sunday. The reason I am so thankful for him is that I know what he went through to make it happen.

He arrived back in the States just 6 days ago. He was jet lagged and ready to come home, but we stayed in Montgomery three extra days to be with my grandmother who was very sick. So, ever since Monday Rob has been trying to catch up on much needed sleep, spend time with me, spend time with Bennett since he hadn't seen her in two weeks, be there for my grandmother, travel back to Kansas, and have an entire sermon edited and ready to go by Friday. And he did it all without once complaining or seeming stretched too thin. I sat there tonight and was moved by our pastor's words. I was grateful for the upcoming Easter season and for what it means to me as a Christian. And I was thankful for a sleep deprived husband that was there for his wife and her family, and yet still did such a wonderful job editing so that the whole congregation could be blessed by a message coming straight from Jerusalem.

Here is a shot of Rob and our senior pastor, Adam Hamilton, walking along a security wall in Israel.

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