Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrapping up the week

Good week this week, I must say. I had lunch with a dear friend from high school on Wednesday. I had lunch with a new friend from KC here on Thursday. And I had lunch today with an old friend from Montgomery. The first day Bennett was loud and yelled at everyone. The second day we skipped her nap so she was catatonic and zoned out. And today she waved at everyone and they thought she was so cute that the worker at Chick-Fil-A brought her a stuffed cow. She said, "Moooooo" the whole way home.

What else happened this week? Well, I heard the new little one's heart beat, was inspired by Queen Esther, and did a dance of happiness when Megan was voted off of "American Idol." Good week, indeed. Here are a few shots of where you will find us most evenings- playing in the basement with our favorite girl. Ignore the hideous paint color on the walls. It's a rental.

Sorry, Dad. You can't come inside our play house. Cool girls only. You get to stay outside and take pictures while we stay inside and yell, "SOCK!" We may be random, but we sure are cool.

Bennett loves her new chair. But deciding which farm animal she loves best is a whole other story.

Ummm.... the joke's not as funny if I have to point it out to you.


Hazen said...

I was so very sad to see Megan voted off the Idol island so early!

Keri A. Ward said...

i think I did a little dance in my head when I learned that she was gone too! I wasnt really a big fan of Megan! She is way cute but the dance moves, not so much! poor thing!

Im so glad to hear that you are having fun there and meeting peeps. Yall are continually in my prayers. :) LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!