Friday, April 24, 2009

She talks and climbs....

....CONSTANTLY!!! Now, I love the talking. What did I expect? But the funniest thing is that she makes every word have two syllables. A "cup" is a "CUP-PUH" and sock is "SSSS-OCKAH" It sounds like she is calling strangers, "sucker." It kind of makes me laugh, but I should probably teach her a few more manners. She will blow on her food now and say, "S'hot" which means, "It's hot." And she doesn't say the word, "no," but "yes" is "YESSSS-AH!" And she still tells Meg to "GO BED" every time she sees her. Between Bennett and her tail, my little Meg has become quite the traumatized dog.

However, this climbing thing has me searching for the nearest gym to see if they will take a 13 month old. Isn't that when they send their daughters off to be trained in China? She climbs out of high chairs, out of car seats, out of her pack and play, and is trying to climb out of her crib. Eating out with her is a nightmare because she can get out of every safety restraint belt known to man. And then she will spend the entire meal standing up full on in her high chair waving to every customer. I think one day some savvy owner is going to hire her to be the restaurant greeter. They would make a fortune.

Oh, and on a final note, can we say drama? Again, what did I expect? I mean her being my daughter and all, but she does not want you to touch her, look at her, or get in her face when she is riding in the van. She will push you away and say, "uh-uh." And today when Rob left for work she started bawling and then threw herself in a heap on the floor face down and cried, "Da Da Da Da."

Does anyone else think that her baby brother is in for quite a ride? I think our whole family is. But what a fun ride it will be.

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Brittny said...

I love it!!! Sophie has been a climber since she started crawling! Her brother didn't figure out he could climb until he was almost 2. Bennett is someone I'd love to hang out with though. She's adorable! Sophie still only says 3 words (second child) but I love all the things your baby says! How cute!!!