Monday, April 20, 2009

Vet Schmet

I knew Meg's diagnosis was wrong. I just knew it. I mean a too long toe nail? Come on. This is a dog that will run head first into a wall and shake it off. She is impervious to pain. But, what do you do? They are the vets and I am the lowly dog owner.

But after we got home, Meg just wasn't herself. And I knew it would take a lot more than a fractured toe to keep this girl down. Rob was at a planning retreat all day and my parents are in town visiting so the three of us kept watching Meg. Then it hit me. She couldn't lift her tail. At all. I knelt down beside her and every time I worked with her tail, she began to cry.

So, thanks to the oracle otherwise known as google, I have diagnosed Meg as having "cold" or "limp" tail. It can be brought on by an unusual amount of exercise or strain and it is usually found in labs. Well, we did take Meg to a dog park on Friday night and she played and frolicked for a good 35 minutes. And I mean she played hard! Then we came home and Rob bathed her in cold water which can add to the irritation.

So, anyway, diagnosis done. This morning she still can't lift her tail and is in pain, but she can slightly swing it from side to side. After a few days rest she should be back to normal.

I knew it would take a lot more than a long nail to keep my Meg down. And you can all send me a few dollars for this diagnosis. Especially if you have labs. I have just saved you all a future vet visit.


Erin said...

How sad!! Poor Meg. But, Meg has a good "mommy". Way to go cousin!

Macy Schultz said...

My dog gets "dead tail" often and it is very painful for the dogs...if you go to a pet store and get doggy ibuprofen it helps a ton....we bypass that and just give our dog advil and within a few hours he begins to bounce back. The vet can give you a prescription but we found advil works the best. Hope this helps.