Sunday, April 19, 2009


If you read the post below, you can all breathe a sigh of relief (Thanks, Amanda!) Meg is not about to face life threatening surgery. Her diagnosis: we are the world's worst dog owners. Seriously. We hadn't clipped her nails in a very long time and one of her claws (and I am using that term literally)got snagged on something outside causing a nasty break in the nail and a fracture on one of her toes.

Only me and Rob. Rob is embarrassed. I am thrilled. Our vet bill was only $10.78. Now to be fair, Meg does have an appointment to be groomed next week. She was 4 days away from having her nails trimmed. And yes, I did notice that they were way too long. I have just caused much blood shed over the years trimming them myself and decided awhile ago to never inflict that kind of pain on my poor dog again. However, I think that pain that I have now caused her may be slightly worse.

And on a happy note, Bennett got the Easter basket off of her head and no, I still don't have any pictures of her and the aforementioned basket. I have been too busy ignoring my dog's medical needs.


Amanda said...

YAY! I was worried!

Oh, and I have pics of Abby chasing Chase at the neighborhood cookout... she and Chase were ADORABLE! She kept taking him down, full on tackle with hugs. SO CUTE!

Stacy said...

Remember when Frank and I had the great idea to go bike riding, and Callie would just run alongside us in a Waldenesque encounter with nature? And remember that she scraped the pads of all her feet until they bled? And remember that we had to go to the emergency vet clinic and explain how we broke our dog?

It's not just you and Rob. There may be a Webster connection, though.

So glad Meg is better after her mani/pedi!

Anna said...

oh i'm so sorry! i'm so glad she's going to be ok! our dog Abbey hates having her nails cut too :( our last vet emergency: iv meds, exploratory surgery, and a dog that didnt make it to the tune of over $2000. we're still paying on it :( all because we let her eat something she shouldnt have. :( needless to say, i'm so thankful Meg is doing better! :)