Monday, August 31, 2009

18 months and feeling not so fine

Bennett had her 18 month appointment today. Eighteen Months already???!!??? She did as well as can be expected considering the fact that she had three huge needles jabbing her. :-( In some ways it's harder now because she sits on my lap and I have to restrain her while they give her the shots. Now she can cry, "Mommy! Uh Oh!" when they poke her and it breaks my heart a little harder with each passing check up.

Some stats:

-She's a little girl. She weighs 21 lbs and 4 oz. which keeps her in the 15%. She's gained a pound since her last visit so she's still growing on the chart, but my pediatrician told me to put some butter and syrup on her pancakes. Anyone who has been around B can tell you that she eats like a champ. But she also walks, crawls, and runs non stop so that must burn off what she does eat. Also, it's not good to tell someone still needing to lose pregnancy weight to hit the ice cream store. Just what I need. More excuses.

-She's very advanced verbally (Their words. Not mine. But I love them.) She talked to the doctor and spoke in 3-4 word sentences which the doctor loved. She really began saying a few words at 10 months and never really looked back. Our pediatrician would ask Bennett questions and B could answer most all of them with words or with motions. Dr. White pronounced her delightful and if I could have tipped our fabulous doctor, I would have.

-She was not delightful when we got in the van though. Just ask my sister who I was trying to talk to on the phone. We had to hang up because of the crying. And it has gone on all day despite Tylenol and a 3 hour nap. Bennett just doesn't do well with shots. I can't say that I blame her.

When we got home my cranky daughter showed her very first signs of jealousy. I was holding Will and trying to get him to sleep. Bennett wanted me to read her a book. She was trying to climb up on me and she kept saying, "Help, Mommy. Book." I told her that I couldn't hold her in my lap but I would read to her if she leaned her head against my lap. She insisted on climbing on me. "Help, Book, help," she kept saying as she tried to get a knee up on me. I told her again that I was holding Will, but I would read to her while she stood there. She stopped, threw the book on the floor, and said, "Bye Bye, Will." I put Will down and read to her.


Carmen & Eddie said...

hugs to B and mommy!!! I hope she is feelinbg better today!!!

Kristin said...

As my friend Tabatha says, "the babies don't remember but the big girls do"