Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't you wish you were having this much fun?

I do!! I mainly sat on the couch. But here are some pictures from our weekend with my family. My Mom, my sister, and my 3 nieces were in town and I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Although I wasn't able to do too much, I managed to do more than I thought possible. We had a great time and I miss them already. Here are a few of the (literally) hundreds of pictures we took.

And I am doing much much better. I can walk, but I can't really lift anything or bend over. It's been hard, but it could have been so much worse and I am just so thankful I had my family here to help.

The girls went to a farm here in Kansas and played with animals and had a wonderful time.

Bennett's cousins loved helping her down the slide.

Aunt Lisa showed her how to feed baby goats from a bottle.

They all walked down to our neighborhood park and pushed Bennett on the swings.

We all went down to Clown Fest in Kansas City.

And at home, they played dress up in Aunt LaLa's costumes.

At night the girls went on wagon rides in our neighborhood.

And we had to make banana spilts.

Afterwards, the sprinklers were the best way to clean up.

Who needs a pool when you have a good old fashioned sprinkler?

The 4 granddaughters had a wonderful time visiting together. They all love each other so very much.

And where was Will during all of this? Hanging out on the couch with his invalid Mom. Neither of us were very mobile so we chilled together.


Courtney said...

Oh my. Piper looks so much like you! And looks like she's got your penchant for the stage with that microphone!
And a clown fest? Ummm yikes. I would have run screaming with pee running down my leg. Ok, that's maybe a little dramatic, I probably could have held the pee in...

randommomma said...

LOVE the photos! Great to see those beautiful girls & baby Will! I hope you are out of pain and able to bend & pick up your baby! It sure looks like fun was had by all! Even those on the couch! ;) Blessings!