Friday, August 7, 2009

Visit with the Texas Websters

Rob's brother and his family left this morning after being here all week. We sure do miss them. Bennett had lots of fun playing dress up with her cousin Sophie and she enjoyed having another toddler around- except when she was hitting him for taking her toys. (I promise, I will work on time outs again once I can bend over and pick her up without my back throbbing.)

Rob and his brother are identical twins (obviously) and so on the day they got here, we sent Frank in to wake Bennett up from her nap. She was oblivious. She called him, "Daddy," and laid her head on his shoulder like she always does. When Rob walked in the room she looked so incredibly confused, clung tightly to Frank, and wouldn't go to Rob. We stopped playing cruel pranks on the innocent one year old after that and she got used to the strange look alike Daddy in her house.

After 2 solid weeks of having both sets of cousins in the house, she is now exhausted, worn out, but so happy because she has been surrounded by family members who love her. We feel very blessed.

Bennett and Sophie loved to read books together.

Rub-a-dub-dub, three cousins in a tub.

Brothers and kids.

Twin-in-laws with the same motley crew.

Bumpin' up and down in my little red wagon.

Will wasn't confused by his Uncle Frank. He's just confused by life in general these days.

And I got some morning hugs too. Having family around means you can sit in your pajama pants for days and nobody cares. Fabulous.

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terrymary said...

I've been waiting to see pictures of the twins! Looks like ya'll had a great week! Who's coming next?