Saturday, August 22, 2009

Visit with an old friend

Okay, so Corey's not old. He's my age so if he's old than I am too. I guess I should say a visit with a friend that we've known for a long time. That's better. We have had a great weekend and we love the fact that a dear friend from Alabama took the time to come out here and visit us. Rob and I are going to lock him in our car tomorrow so he misses his plane and Bennett is going to miss, "Key." And I am stating publicly that I beat both Rob and Corey in Wii tennis. Phil Bowdle, I hope you're reading this.

Rob and Corey hanging out in downtown KC.

Me and Corey hanging out at a farmers market.

Bennett and "Key" hanging out.....I'm not quite sure where they are.


landon said...

Wii tennis: Who cares?

I'd take you in "real" tennis. Sure, you might win the first game or three on superior talent. But eventually, your back would falter--and victory would be mine.

And, after about 25 minutes of strewing my fur-covered clothing about the BHam airport, I thought perhaps Bennett had eaten my "Key" in protest.

Unknown said...

Well, clearly wherever Bennet and "Key" are, that place belongs to Fritz. :)