Monday, August 17, 2009

Sugar and Spice and not so nice

I have to brag a little about Bennett tonight. Why? Because it's my blog and I can. And it's been over a week since my last bragging session, so it's about time. :-) She just cracks me up. I had my 6 week post birth check up today. I was forced to take Bennett out during the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen and drag her soaking wet to the doctors office. We were both so wet when we got there that I had to get her out of her stroller so she could run around and dry off. (Yes, I used an umbrella, but the rain was so bad that it didn't matter.)

So, a Bennett on the loose unrestrained by stroller straps in a very small waiting room turns out to be a hysterical thing. For 30 minutes, she held court in that waiting room. She walked up to every person and said, "Hi." She would then point to herself and say, "Hair wet." She would walk from person to person and talk to them. She was fascinated with one woman's shoes and would just stand in front of her and say, "Shoe. Sock. Shoe. Sock." She took a hat off of a man's head and said, "Hat! Head!" She climbed up next to a lady and pointed at her face and said, "Glasses!" She told pointed out to another one year old all of her body parts. "Eye! Ear! Teeth!" It went on like this for half an hour. She just stood in the middle of the room and made everyone laugh. One woman was reading a Dr. Suess book to her son and Bennett kept yelling, "HOP POP!" It was another Dr. Suess book but I couldn't believe she knew it was close to "Hop on Pop" because the artwork was similar. The boy lost all interest in the book. He was too stunned watching Bennett. I was too. I kept trying to get her to sit down. She would say, "Sorry," but other people would assure me that she wasn't bothering them and to let her run around. It was just too amusing. Even the receptionists behind the desk were standing up and looking over the counter and laughing at her.

Honestly, my trying to explain how adorable she was can't translate in words on a blog. All I can say is that for the longest time, nobody in the room read magazines or talked on the phone but rather watched Benentt and laughed as she told them everything from what an owl says to the fact that she had a belly button. And she asked everyone for a snack. Twice. And don't worry, I made sure that nobody was annoyed. I am quite aware of the fact that not everyone might have been as amused by the chatty red head as her adoring Mom.

But before you throw up over my gushing (again- what else is a blog for?) I will tell you another side of Bennett. The side that gets her put in time out at least 3 times a day. She is a thief. Yes, a thief. And I have photographic evidence.

Here she is being sweet and tender with her baby brother, right?

On closer inspection this is really what she is doing. The paci bandit strikes again.

Totally busted. And totally put in time out.


Unknown said...

Bennett is too funny! Gorgeous picture of her!! :-)

Carmen & Eddie said...

Benett sure is a trip!!!! and poor little Will- his face in the pick- no not again!!!!

Courtney said...

I adore that first picture. I also adore your daughter. Paci bandit or not. Someday hopefully we'll get the kiddos together....

terrymary said...

Just think, Lauren, if Dr. Bishop had not been behind schedule you would not have had this absolutely precious waiting room memory to write about. You have to give him that!