Saturday, August 29, 2009

She can play me like a fiddle

So Bennett was in time out earlier this week. I am not sure why this time. Usually time outs occur for one of three reasons-

1. She hit someone. Hard. In the face.
2. She stole Will's paci.
3. She threw her food on the floor. Even after three warnings to stop.

I am not sure what she did to get her in trouble this particular time, but I am sure it was one of the above. I carried her to her time out chair, explained the rules, and waited for her to say, "Sorry." Sometimes she cries and throws a fit and hits me again. Sometimes she laughs and looks out the window and starts yelling, "Tree," "Grass," Ruff Ruff." I never know how she will react.

This time she was melting down. She was bawling and saying, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, mommy." I wanted to let her out, but she has to stay in time out for several minutes so I just sat there and looked at her while she was crying. I kept saying, "I forgive you Bennett and thank you for saying sorry, but you have to wait a few more minutes. What you did was not nice." She kept crying and saying "sorry," but to no avail. I was discipline mommy on a mission determined to correct her bad behavior. Finally I saw her little mind start to work. She stopped and sniffed and looked hesitant. Then she looked up at me with big eyes and said hesitantly, "Row Tide?"

I burst out into laughter and was so surprised that I couldn't stop her as she slid happily off of her time out chair and ran into the living room. The child is good. Real good. And I'm a sucker.


dad said...

Just out of curiosity, how long would she have had to sit there had she said "War Eagle?"

Lauren W said...

2 months.

Unknown said...

Hilarious! When I meet Bennett I'll have to teach her how to sing "Rocky Top" so that she can REALLY impress you. :-)

Carmen & Eddie said...

She is too much!!!! LOL!!!