Monday, August 24, 2009

She knows what she wants-edited

**I am changing the embedded video to links from Youtube for these videos of Bennett. I have had several people tell me that they couldn't see the videos. Okay, so it was only my Mom and a friend from high school. They are the only ones that would take time to watch them, but I will change them anyway for their benefit. :-) For some reason I am having issues linking the videos as well so just copy and paste these for those of you that still want to watch these even if you didn't give birth to me or spend four years with me during my adolescence.**

Bennett LOVES night night. She takes after her Mommy. We have been meaning to get this on video for awhile now and finally decided to charge the camera today and get it. This is what Bennett does when we ask her if she wants to go night night. She gets the snoring from her Dad. Pretty dang funny if you ask me.

While we had the camera out we thought we would capture another funny thing she does. She loves to walk backwards now for some reason. We will catch her all over the house just walking backwards and babbling. If you listen carefully you can hear her saying, "Bye-Bye, Mommy." It kills me every time.

And finally, since we still had the camera out I recorded Rob getting Bennett to point out objects from her favorite book. She loves to do this and loves to point out everything in all of her books. And we are happy to oblige.


Courtney said...

I watched them! They were too cute. I love the walking backwards!

Unknown said...

I watched them too! Just so you know... :-)

Lauren W said...

But Court, you spent a year of your youth with me and Christy, you spent 4!! So you both fit in the category above. :-)

Amanda Sutton Davis said...

Lauren, she's adorable! I've had your blog on my google reader for the longest time, but I just started really catching up with it these last couple of weeks. I love hearing about it all--The post about Bennett in the doctor's office made me giggle--she obviously has her mother's flair for stealing a scene! You make me want to post on my own blog more often!

Courtnie Johnson said...

I really enjoyed these. She is such a baby genius!