Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Baby Boy

I can't believe that I am taking Will in next week for his 2 month check-up. This summer has flown by. These past 2 months have been wonderful, hectic, sweet, insane, tiring, fun, and happy. Our home in Kansas has been filled nearly every day since the end of June with family and friends who came to visit the baby. We have loved having everyone here especially since I couldn't really walk or move for 2 of those weeks. But it is nice now to be settling down and getting into routines.

Will is a very sweet baby. He is pretty much sleeping through the night already. He has a late night feeding usually around 10:30 or so and then he will go until 5:30ish without eating again so that's been nice. He does LOVE to be held though and that is hard. Bennett was so easy and you could put her down anywhere, but this little boy wants you to hold him non stop. That is a problem when Bennett needs me or if I have to have 5 minutes alone (heaven forbid.) But we have made great use of our baby sling and are plugging along the best we can.

Some recent pics of Will. Look at that sweet smile in the last picture. God has truly blessed us with another sweet baby and I couldn't be more thankful or grateful.


Lori Mercer said...

Oh Lauren! He is beautiful! He definitely has his own look. A few weeks ago I thought he was favoring Bennett but now not so much. Love those big brown eyes! Great shots! :)

Unknown said...

Lauren, he is gorgeous! I just want to eat him up!! :-)

Courtnie Johnson said...

I can't wait to see this little fella in person!

Erin said...

AWWW!!! So beautiful! Can't wait to meet him in person and just love on him.