Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend with the Grandparents

Mamaw and Grandaddy are here!! They haven't seen Bennett since September and she's changed just a little bit since then. :-) And we needed to introduce Will to his grandparents so they came out to Kansas! We have had a wonderful weekend so far. Will has slept in their arms and gotten some good bonding time. And Bennett has enjoyed reconnecting with her grandparents.

It has made me so sentimental about how big she has gotten. Last time they saw her, they were spoon feeding her rice cereal. Now she is playing hide and seek and talking to them. She really can understand everything you tell her. She started calling them "Mamaw" and "Grandaddy" immediately. She will tell them what she wants to do- walk, play ball, eat, book, etc... She growled like a lion at them and hooted like an owl. I told her tonight to go to her hide out and get a book for Grandaddy to read. And she walked over to the hide out, got the book, and ran to Grandaddy. When they were finished, Rob told her to go get an Elmo book. So she went and found an Elmo book in her bin and brought it right over and said, "Melmo book." What happened to the baby that just sat on her blanket and smiled last time they visited? When we tell her it's night night time she will say, "Night Night. Pillow. Papsis. Book. Night Night," and then she heads right for the stairs. I just keep thinking, "Where is my baby? Who is this toddler?" It has all happened in a blur. The last time they were here, they just carried her to her crib. I think I am going to put a brick on Will's head and he is only allowed to get to where he's sleeping through the night and then he can't get any bigger than that.

Here are a couple of cute pics of B. People have been so nice to send her gifts in honor of being a big sister. Here she is testing out the apron Rob's boss sent for her. She helped Mommy make dinner and was so proud!

Gotta Go! I got Pancakes cooking!

James Lang Webster, meet William Lang Webster

Beautiful Baby Boy


Christine said...

What a sweet picture. I think Will has your eyes. He looks a little like Bennett, but more like you. So cute!

Brittny said...

such a cute family!!!!