Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spending some time with big sister

I am going to post a batch of pics tomorrow of bringing Will home and of his first few days in this world, but I wanted to post these shots of Bennett tonight. She has been a trooper. Rob took these of her tonight playing after lunch. We have really tried hard to make her feel included and spend special time with her. Even though my parents are here and even though I am exhausted, Rob and I gave her her bath last night just to regain some normalcy. I have put her down for naps and bedtime and Rob spent time with her tonight going over her flashcards. We have made sure today to sing her favorite songs, play with her bubble maker, and just let her know how much she is loved. It would be so easy to lock myself in my room with Will and just be with him and sleep, but Bennett has been through so much change that we really want her to feel that things are as close to normal as possible.

She loves Will by the way. When he cries she will look right at me and say, "Uh oh! Baby!" We taught her to say "cute" and so now when he comes into a room she will toddle over to him and say, "Baby! Cute." We all went out tonight to ride around and see 4th of July events in town and she seemed fascinated that there was another car seat beside her in the van. But overall, she is just happy that Mommy and Daddy are home and she loves having 4 adults at home now to play with her.

We are tired, but overall I feel great and am just so happy that Will is here and that he is healthy. Words cannot express how much I love him and I feel so blessed to have two perfect gifts from the Lord.

Spending some quiet moments together before the birth

Whoo-Hoo! I'm a big sister!

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Erin said...

I am so proud of you. You are doing an incredible job adjusting to your new life. Bennett and Will are so blessed to have the parents that they have. Try if you can (and I know it's hard), to take care of yourself as you recover. Your babies need a strong, healthy momma!! You are SUPER woman and an amazing mom! I wish I lived next door to you so that our babies could play that you and I did when we were little. Miss you so much!