Monday, July 20, 2009

And you thought getting through Leviticus was hard

Bennett loves to read her story Bible at night. She will ask for it by name and then laugh and giggle when you pull it out. However, before I send her to seminary I will share what I discovered last night. She just likes the animals and flowers. I noticed that when we were on the pages that had Adam and Eve or Noah, she would stop and point out everything on the page. Snake, flower, tree, cow, horse.... she loved them. But when we got to the "boring" pages (her views not mine) she would flip past them and say, "Bye-Bye Bible." With all due apologies to Joshua and David, your wall and bravery with the giant just don't impress her. I guess you need to jazz up your stories with some animals or a baby in a basket like Moses, and then maybe she might pay a little more attention.

Thankfully, she likes the page where John baptizes Jesus. I suspect that the reason is that there are fish in the water on that page, but I am going to pretend otherwise. It would have been bad if she skipped past every page with Jesus on it yelling, "Bye-Bye Bible."

Oh, and here's a picture of Will. I don't have funny stories about him yet, but isn't he cute?

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Unknown said...

He's adorable! And looking slightly different then Bennett now isn't he? Love the Bennett stories...what a smart girl! :-)