Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am still here in the hospital. I don't really have anything new to report sadly. They think that my pain is due a large knot on my pelvis. They are guessing that during childbirth that knot or cyst became very aggravated. The cyst is surrounded by ligaments and nerves that probably became strained or torn when I delivered Will. And I have potentially caused them to rupture in the month since he was born by heavy lifting. And when I say heavy lifting, there was no way for me to not lift a 22 lb toddler every day.

So, I am on a lot of pain meds and will have to go through some physical therapy. The problem is that the pain is not going away. It gets masked every now and then, but once the medicine wears off, I am back at square one. They are not going to release me until I can walk or move pain free, and at this point I have no idea when that will be. And when I do go home, I won't be able to lift anything and will have a very hard time moving. Ummm..... do they know I have a 17 month old and a 4 weeks old?

My Mom, my sister, and my three nieces get here tomorrow. I am sick that I can't get them from the airport. I am so sad that I won't be there to welcome them home. I have been looking forward to them coming for months and I am just so incredibly disappointed.

One bright spot is that I changed hospital rooms. I got stuck in a semi private room with a beast. I'm serious. She yelled at nurses, yelled at doctors, stormed to my side of the room and answered my phone because it was bugging her, cursed at her Mom loudly on the phone for 10 minutes straight, and beeped the nurses station every 10 minuted to tell them off. The hospital staff took pity on me and switched me to a private room. At least I can sleep a little bit tonight. She won't have E! reality shows on all night like she did last night. Well, she probably will, but I'm in another room, so who cares?

So anyway, continue to pray for us. Please pray that I can get this pain under control. I want to go home so badly. It kills me that I have been away from my newborn baby for 2 days now and I have no idea when I can go back. Please pray for Rob. He is exhausted trying to take care of the house, Bennett, Will, and me. Pray for Bennett who is going through another crazy adjustment and wants to know where Mommy is. And pary also that I won't get another blood clot. I am at high risk already and being bed ridden in a hospital does not help that risk. My legs are starpped to these machines that constantly pump the blood flow which is a good thing, except when you are trying to sleep.

But a huge shout out and thanks to our dear friend Mary who is watching the kids for us, and my sweet friend Emily who sat with me tonight at the hospital and made me laugh. I am off to bed now, but thank you all for your prayers. You will never know how much we appreciate them.

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JanisLyn said...

Oh Lauren. I hope you can get rid of the pain and go home soon to your family.