Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First bath, first stomach virus, and a gross revelation

We gave Will his first real bath now that his umbilical cord has fallen off. He actually lost it a few days ago. We had taken him to a park and when we got home I lifted him out of his car seat. I asked Rob if he could come clean the car seat because a dead flower or plant of some sort had gotten in there at the park. Yes, you see where I am going. I don't know when it fell off or how it got underneath his blanket, but it did. At least it didn't fall off in my hand like Bennett's did when I was changing her diaper. Anyway, here are a couple of shots from his first bath.

Could you guys make me any unhappier? No, seriously, could you? I think not.

Ah, warmth and terrycloth. Much better.

Check out the link to the post I did on Bennett's first bath. See any similarities between the two posts? I think you can tell that these kids are siblings.

Anyway, Bennett got her first stomach virus today. She has had colds and the RSV virus, but she has never thrown up before. Well, she did today. A lot. And thank goodness I happened to be on the phone with my sister who has three children and who has been through this many times. She told me exactly what to do, and B is already better tonight. But I hated it. I hated seeing her like that and we had a very hard day of trying to keep her away from Will and me washing my hands about every 45 seconds as I constantly had to take care of both children without wanting to expose Will to the germs.

And finally, my gross revelation. Boys are stinkier than girls. I learned this to be true in elementary school but I didn't know that it started from birth. I guess it does. Will has peed on me now a total of 5 times. He poops in his bath which Bennett never did and is just generally.... stinkier. Well, not him, but his diapers are for sure.

Wow! A post about decaying cords, vomiting, pooping, and peeing. I guess that pretty much sums up my exciting life these days. I will say though, so I don't end on such a gross note, that in between all of the aforementioned yuckiness, I got sweet coos and cuddles from Will, hugs and giggles from Bennett, and the sweetest evening just reading and playing with both of them. If I need to put up with a few gross messes for that, I'll take it any day.

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Carmen & Eddie said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!!! Will's poop smells already? I do not remember the stink coming on so quickly with Sebastian, as for the automatic sprinkler... comes with the territory. Girls also release, they just do not have a hose to aim and shoot:) Get yourself some peepee teepees or just place a wipe over the aiming mechanism to prevent another "baptism".