Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little B on the Prairie

A few nights ago Will was sound asleep, I had energy, and Meg had WAY too much energy. Poor thing has not received too much attention lately, so we took her to a dog park. We headed out to give both Bennett and Meg some much needed QT. As with all infants, life is a ticking clock in between feedings, so we didn't have much time. But we had a great evening. Meg played, Bennett walked everywhere, and Rob took pictures. A typical evening for our family. Oh, and don't worry. My Mom stayed home with Will. Kirby is just not that good of a baby sitter as it turns out.

My little Kansas girl. I can't wait to put her hair in long braids, throw an apron on her, and call her Laura.

After they ran and played, both of my girls were tired out.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset together

I couldn't let Daddy have all the hugs from B

When we got home, Will was waking up and so I got to cuddle with him and tell him all about the adventures he will have one day with Meg at the dog park. How much do I love life right now?

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Brittny said...

you look so great!!! last night i was watching so you think you can dance and i figured out who one of the girls looked like... YOU!!!! seriously, she could be your blonde twin!!!! she is beautiful and seems to be just as beautiful on the inside, just like you. i can't rmemeber her name, but i think it's kayla? you'll recognize her if you see it. she's got the white blonde hair.