Monday, January 18, 2010

Better late than never

So I am about 2 weeks behind in posting snow pictures. And I completely forgot to post Christmas pictures. That's what happens when you have a toddler, a baby, 2 dogs, and a computer in the basement that you never go to. Anyway, here are snow pictures.

And for the record why is, "Let it snow?" a Christmas song? I refuse to limit my enjoyment of that song to December just because star 103.5 tells me to. I will sing it until April if need be.

My Dad was in town and he got to enjoy the snow with us.

Rob pulling the kids in our sled. Notice Meg in the background trying to keep up.

Will and Bennett aren't nearly as excited about the snow as we are. I think Will looks like the lttle brother in "A Christmas Story" in that outfit.

She only came back because I bribed her with a treat.

My family. We absolutely love moments like this.

Will with his Grandaddy.


Brittny said...

Christopher is so jealous! He has been telling up all winter that he wants snow. He's just going to have to pretend that he dirt in our backyard is fluffy, white and cold. Actually it has been frozen, but there's nothing pretty about it!

starnes family said...

Oh, my goodness. The sled picture. Precious!!!!!

Erin said...

AWWW! Look at that beautiful smile on Will's face with your Dad. That's priceless - beautiful snow by the way.

Anna said...

i'm so far behind on blogs! posting and reading! what fun pictures! love the family picture especially!