Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends

It snows here in Kansas. A lot. And it is cold. And we are the nerds from Alabama who didn't even own a shovel until 2 weeks ago. When it is snowing we see our neighbors in their driveways shoveling all night long and we are sitting in our living room wondering if there are any church jobs opening in the Bahamas. With both of us having bad backs, shoveling so much snow is a daunting prospect.

So, I need to publicly thank our hero. Our savior who rescued us poor southerners from the harsh realities of a Kansas snow storm. Our dear friend who owns a snow blower and who has not once, but twice now shown up in our driveway after a heavy snow and freed us. What a wonderful heart. What a good friend. And Jerry Pullins- if you're reading this, what in the world can we do to make it up to you?


Erin said...

Sweet Jerry!! What a guy! And what a wicked place to live!!!! Come home!!!!!

starnes family said...

We were like this after moving from Texas to Colorado. What is a snow shovel?!

Now, we're seasoned.....and Kansas is very much like Colorado this year. Luckily, too, our association dues cover all snow removal!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Oh man...things like THAT are what make the world "go 'round!"

by the way...I never have any idea if you ever get my messages. It tells me they have to be approved, but just know i fyou do get them. I LOVE your blog! It makes me laugh, think and praise our Good Lord! I know your friends miss you in Alabama and I am just glad I got to meet you when I did!