Sunday, January 31, 2010

Village Idiot

I will recap the morning I had yesterday for you. It took me 36 hours to write this blog post because that's how long it took me to get over my humiliation.

7:30- I wake up on a lazy Saturday morning to a beautiful snow covered lawn. I stare at the falling snow while having my coffee and playing with Will. Lovely.

8:00- I think that I should start shoveling the snow. We are always the last ones in our neighborhood to shovel snow. And our neighbors across our street are "those neighbors" that are out in their yards at 3 am so they can stay on top of it.

8:15- I ask Rob to shovel the snow, but he is still groggy and I know he won't get to it until noon and I want to impress everyone by being one of the first to have it done.

8:30- I load up my ipod, throw on layers of clothes, pick up the shovel, and head outside.

9:00- I wave at my neighbor as she backs out of her driveway. I am hot, exhausted, but determined. It crosses my mind that it's odd that I am the only one shoveling, but I keep going.

9:30- I am not only shoveling my driveway, but also our sidewalk, and front door step. I rock. I wave at my neighbor as she comes back home and starts unloading groceries. I wave rather smugly. I am so awesome for being the first in my neighborhood to have my driveway cleared. She could learn a lesson from me.

10:00- I come inside and warm up my red nose and ice cold hands and look proudly at my accomplishment. Did I mention that I rock?

10:30- I hear a sound. Surely, it's not. Oh, please, Lord. Is that that water dripping from my gutters?

10:31- I look out my front window. My neighbors driveway is halfway cleared. They haven't picked up a shovel.

10:32- I yell at Rob to look up the weather. Didn't he tell me that it was supposed to be 5 degrees all day?

10:33- He sheepishly admits that was the forecast Tuesday or at least that's what he had heard. He now informs me that the high is high enough for me to have saved myself an hour and a half of manual labor. He is lucky I don't still have a shovel in my hand.

12:00- The whole neighborhood is clear. I am in a funk. And I hope my neighbor wasn't laughing at me the whole way to the grocery store.


starnes family said...

I love that you have "those neighbors" who are frantically shoveling overnight to get it done. Our association takes care of it here, so I don't see that anymore, but we had plenty in Colorado!

I'm proud of your efforts....and you got a good work out!

terrymary said...

Hey, you were the only one who wasn't lazy! You go girl!