Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tomorrow is another day.

This morning I woke up and got in the shower. While I was in the shower, Bennett woke up. I hurried out and changed her diaper. I went downstairs and got her breakfast. Then Will woke up. I fed Will. Then I changed his diaper. Then I cleaned up breakfast. I gave Bennett a bath. She pooped in the tub. I cleaned it up. Then I dressed them, packed diaper bags, put on heavy coats, put on hats and gloves, had a baby spit up on me, took off the coat, changed his outfit again, went to my moms group, and came home.

I fed Bennett lunch. I washed hands. I fed Will. Then he peed on me. Then the dog peed on the couch. I cleaned it up. I walked up and down the stairs 50 times. Then Will spit up on me. I changed his outfit again. I changed my outfit again. Bennett went down for her nap. I had to wash bathmats. They peeled apart in the dryer. I cleaned my dryer out. I vacuumed. Will went down for his nap. Bennett woke up 5 minutes later. I cried. I changed 5 diapers in between.

I folded laundry, I soothed boo boos, I gave hugs, I watched Mickey Mouse, I played with trains, I had squash spit up on me, I gave piggy back rides, I cooked dinner, I made beds, I cleaned rooms, I sang songs, I did dishes (twice) I read about 50 books, I had a pillow fight, I colored pictures, I emptied diaper genies, and I played a fantastic game of hide and seek.

And I am tired. I am very tired. So my question is this- where are the soaps and bon bons that I signed up for when I decided to stay home with the kids? Anyone? Anyone? Not even one bon bon?


starnes family said...

I'm still looking for mine, too.

I couldn't go today......kiddos still not 100%....didn't want to infect anyone. Were you there for the fashion meeting last time? I was looking to say Hello!

Hang in there. I've had 2 in diapers at's exhausting.

Barbara Bush once said, "Having toddlers are the longest days and shortest years of your life."


Courtnie Johnson said...

It's the hardest most rewarding job in the world! Miss you!

Erin said...

I don't know about the bon bons, but I know where you can get some Goobers! Hope that one brought a smile to your weary face tonight - as only you and I know what I am talking about! My day was pretty similar - minus 1 kid :)

Christine said...

Love your account of your day! ha My advice, just stay in the spit up clothes! Then you won't waste an outfit! ha! My boys were both big spit uppers and I can remember just looking down at my black long sleeve shirt and it was covered with spit up by the end of the day. Of course, if we were going somewhere, I would change. Also, Bennett sounds as if she would be ready for potty training (with being as verbal as she is). When I potty trained Will, a friend suggested this book to me and she trained her little boy when he was right at 2 years old. He was very verbal like Bennett (don't know if that even has anything to do with it) but it's worth a shot so that you don't have to change so many diapers. The book is called Toilet Training in Less than a day. You can find it on Amazon for really cheap. It really works and teaches them how it feels to need to go so that you don't have to take them every 30 minutes. You should try it! I bet it would work for her very well! I'm going to try it with Walker when in May when his MDO gets out. He will be a little over 2. I waited until Will was three (due to working part time) and I SO wish I would have done it earlier. It was much easier than I anticipated it would be!

Brittny said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Before we were married that's what Brandon thought stay at home moms did all day. I laughed, but I still had no clue myself.

Perri said...

Sheesh! That made me tired just reading it =)

Carmen & Eddie said...

let's make a club!!! mine are mia too! you are an amazing woman and your kids are blessed to have you at home!
btw bennett will have her choice of her age or younger from my family:)