Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Kansas City is a whole lotta fun. There are so many things to do here that are family friendly and reasonably priced. So over MLK weekend we had a staycation. In three days we decided to do fun touristy things on a budget and I think we succeeded.

Day 1- We went to Coco Key Water resort. We don't have great pictures because the camera kept fogging up, but hopefully you can see how cool this place is. I still can't believe that we were wearing bathing suits in January. It is a huge indoor water resort. Bennett went down water slides, played in a pool, shot water guns, and even Will joined us on the Lazy River. Kids under 2 were free and adults were only $15 each because they were offering a winter special. And we didn't cave on the food there. We came home and ate.

Total Budget- $30

Day 2- Monkey Bizness. A huge indoor jungle gym. We had a blast except Bennett turned into Nellie Olson. She pushed and hit her way onto the slides. After her third time out, we left. When I talk to Bennett about the green slide, she says, "I not nice." Indeed. But we did have fun in between the tantrums and she was very sweet to one little girl who loved B and introduced her to her parents. Whew. All was not lost. And we only spent $4.50. Total. Whoo- Hoo! Adults were free as were babies, so we only had to pay for Bennett.

Total Budget- $4.50

Day 3- Crown Center. We went downtown KC to eat at B's favorite restaurant, Fritz's. This restaurant has a huge train out front, the food is cheap, and all of your food is delivered to your table by a train. Bennett got to wear a conductor's hat and was overjoyed the whole meal. Afterwards we hung out in the Crown Center and let Bennett play in the giant Crayola store and pick out one piece of chocolate from a chocolate factory.

Total Budget- $21.

So we had three fabulous days filled with fun activities for a grand total budget of $51.50. That's pretty good for a family of four. When we weren't out and about we were snuggled on the couch watching "Beauty and the Beast," coloring pictures, having pillow fights on the bed (Daddy lost), playing dress up, learning our letters, banging on Fisher Price drums, clapping for Will as he tried new foods, and being together as a family. I'd say that this was the perfect weekend.


Erin said...

That is SO the perfect weekend! I love that! Good for you guys! By the way, Jay loved the "Nellie Olson" comment!

starnes family said...

Love, love, love KC! I need to check out that indoor gym. My little ones would love it. Great ideas!

Brittny said...

Christopher wants to go all the places you went. I do too!

Kara said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend! I am glad you are all loving KC so much; it sounds like a great place to live and raise a family!