Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the flip side.......

I wanted to add an addendum to the blog post below. Yes, Bennett is wonderful and brilliant and a future Rhodes scholar who will bring about world peace and all those other wonderful things, but she is also....almost 2!!! And the tantrums have begun. With a vengeance. I just couldn't in good conscience blog about all the things she's learning without blogging about what I am learning as a parent. And that is that it 'aint easy.

B will have about 2 "come aparts" every half hour. She hits her friends (Sorry Levi), she demands certain books and food and cries when she doesn't get them, she wants her way constantly, she hates to be told No, and she doesn't like it when you won't get her what she wants RIGHT. THAT. SECOND!

Here is a picture of a post melt down Bennett. She is in love with her pillow and she can't sleep without it. I had washed it one morning and had forgotten to put it in the dryer before naptime. When I tell you that she screamed, well that just doesn't do it justice. She finally opened the dryer, pulled out her pillow and blankie, and laid down on her bedroom floor. She wouldn't move. She was so mad at me and was so suspicious that I would take her pillow again, that she wouldn't budge.

The good news is that she seems to understand punishment and she genuinely seems to be sorry when I put her in time out. I know she's trying. The best part is that she is never mean to Will. She adores him. She always kisses Will and she calls him her, "Best fawrind." Plus he is the only one she will share her toys with. Even here when she still wouldn't move because she thought Mommy was going to try and wash her pillow again. I finally had to bring Will into her room to play and she did not take out her bad mood on him. Whew! All is not lost.

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The Khans said...

Oh how I can relate. Joshua is quite the dramatist that's for sure. Thanks for posting your thoughts as always. I do have to say at least Bennett will stay in time out as my boys will not and they tempt fate by going back and doing the same things over again. Door locks for us :-)