Thursday, January 28, 2010

My sidekick

Will is my little buddy. He is a lot needier than Bennett was and therefore needs to be held more and needs just a little more attention. I love holding him and tickling him and listening to his belly laugh. He can now sit up and is also rolling across the room. He eats solids at every meal and cries, "Mama," but only when he is upset. He sucks his thumb and has to sleep cuddling a lovey which is just so sweet to me.

We took these pictures of him a week ago that just melt my heart. I wish we could photoshop all of the pink in the background out, but oh, well. That's what we get for having playtime in Bennett's room. Isn't he adorable?


starnes family said...

I think the pink is perfect in the background! Shows where he is.

They are all 3 fantastic photos....they look professional. I LOVE the second one. That face!

Anna said...

he is such a beautiful, wait, i mean HANDSOME baby boy! these pictures are wonderful and the 2nd one really cracks me up! what a happy baby!

Erin said...

Yes, Yes, Yes he is so adorable!! Absolutely love that 2nd picture!

Carmen & Eddie said...

those are great pics!!! what a little cutie!!!