Saturday, January 23, 2010

I can't keep up

I desperately want to capture all of the changes in Bennett right now, but I just can't keep up. She is changing so much every day and Rob and I both agree that she is so different even from Christmas. It is absolutely fascinating to watch her string words together. She is speaking in more and more sentences every day. I love watching her realize that words she has known for months fit together. It is joyous to watch.

And she is too smart for her own good. She got a new book last night at a great new small and local children's book store and when we came home to read it, I realized that it was too advanced for her. So I made up a story using the pictures in the book. This morning she is so mad at me, because I can't remember the story. She remembers everything I told her last night and keeps trying to get me the same thing, but I can't. Oh, the frustrations of childhood.

Here are a few sentences to help me remember Bennett as she fast approaches her 2nd birthday.

-Where did Daddy go?
-What happened to Will?
-Mommy, I'm all done. I get out. (of her booster seat at the table)
-I watch Mickey Mouse.
-Shhh...... Will is night night.
-I talk to Aunt Lisa. (She wants to call her family on the phone constantly)
-Read the book, please.
-Mommy, where are you? I downstairs.
-We go bye bye in car?
- I want that one. That one. That one. THAT ONE!!
-Come inside, Kirby. No, Meg.
-Oh, no. I broke it. (her colors) Fix it, mommy. No, you fix it.
-Hold you, Mommy. Your Lap. Now, Elmo book.

She can also sing Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Jingle Bells, Party in the USA, Elmo's world, and part of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme. She can count to 10 (but not in order at all) and knows a few letters and the sounds they make. She just started getting her colors as well. She will now ask for the green ball or the blue crayon or she wants to wear the pink sweater. She can say "Lauren and Rob" when you ask her what her Mommy and Daddy's names are. Currently she is obsessed with cukoo clocks, trains, and dogs, but that will all change next week.

And there are more sentences that I can't think of. Rob suggested last night that we write down all of the words that she knows, but that's impossible. She knows far too many for me to record anymore. Those days are over. I just love her little mind and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to watch it grow. I absolutely love introducing her to new foods or new places. I love watching her laugh, dance, jump, run, and play. I love hearing her little feet fun all over our house.I love the fact that I have been there since day one to watch her develop and grow. I think I just love being a Mom.


Carmen & Eddie said...

You can say that twice and mean it! The changes that happened in the past six months, 3 months, 3 weeks... I am amazed at how his little mind works and how he is just absorbing things left and right. Motherhood sure is the best!!!!

Rob Webster said...

I concur. It's pretty amazing to watch.

Erin said...

GO BENNETT! I love that she sings, "Party in the USA"! Hilarious! Isn't being a mom just the most amazing - and humbling experience? I am so proud of Bennett and the precious little girl that she is - and so, so smart :)

starnes family said...

I think during these toddler years, every month counts and brings such amazing changes. Glad you're writing it all down.

Rob Webster said...

Erin- It's so funny that she sings that. It started because I would tell her to put her hands up every time we changed clothes or put on her pajamas. So I just started singing, "I put my hands up, they're playing my song" and that was sort of her clue to put her hands up. Then she started repeating it, so I just taught her the chorus. Now she sings this every time we put on her pajamas-

Hands up! Playin' my song. Butterflies away. Move hips, yeah. Head. yeah. USA.

So cute!!