Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wii be havin' fun 'round here

So for my Dad's 62nd birthday he got a Nintendo Wii. That's really what he got. Not socks. Not ties. Not books. But a Nintendo Wii. How cool is that?
So, how did we spend our 4th of July weekend you may ask? Not grilling out, not watching the John Adams biography on A&E, not running around with sparklers terrifying the baby, but rather playing fight to the death games of bowling and tennis.
Good times, good times. So, what else happened? Well, my niece turned eight, we saw an American Girl movie, we went swimming, we hung out with our good friend Phil, his fiancee, Sarah, and their friends from Ohio, Meg swam in the pool
Bennett hung out with her cousins and her Nana
and we watched the requisite fireworks.
What a wonderful weekend!!


Hazen said...

I'm so glad Rob finally got to play with a Wii!

The Khans said...

Hey, we have Wii too. If we ever get to visit with one another you all can play with us!