Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Thought

I don't know why I was thinking about this last night, but when do we stop getting excited as adults to try new things? I feel as if now that I have Bennett, every day is so exciting. She rolled over 4 times! She is grabbing her toes! She is making an "Oooh" sound. Brilliant child.

If I blogged that about Rob you would think I was insane. Guess what? Today Rob ate his cereal. By himself! Holding his own spoon! And he rolled over too. What a good boy.

I guess I am just wondering when we stop encouraging each other as adults for trying new things, and really why should we ever stop? Having Bennett has made me want to learn even more. I may not blog about myself sleeping through the night or being to hold my head up unassisted, but I would love to blog about taking a new class, learning a new language, trying something I have never done before.

Maybe soon I can post about not only Bennett's firsts, but her parents as well. I hope we never become too routine, but that we constantly challenge and push ourselves to learn new things along with our little one. Told you that was random.

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