Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Family Acquaintances

Bennett got to meet my cousin Erin this weekend, and see her Aunt Beverly again as well. Erin and I are only 5 months apart and we were practically raised as sisters. Don't get us started on white cars, Russians, personal memos, goobers, "All The Rivers Run," Edmund, Mayor, and so much more. She lives in SC now and so this was her first meeting with the little one. She is in town because her sister, my cousin Elliot, is having her baby next week (more pictures to come from that as soon as the wee one gets here.) Bennett loved meeting Erin and we can't wait to play with her little boy due this Fall. Now, we anxiously await our first introductions to Uncle Hazen, Madeleine, and Max in a few weeks and then Bennett will have met everyone in her family who loves her and who prayed so much for her to get here.


Stacy said...

And she gets to meet Jameson, too! We can't wait to see you guys (and the Marshall fam) in August. Call me later so we can talk about travel plans!

- Aunt Stacy

Lauren W said...

And yes, of course Jameson!! What was I thinking? I guess she technically met him in March, but she has never seen him out of utero. :-)

Anna said...

what a precious picture!!! so many babies in so little time! how exciting! give erin and elliot a hug from me when you see them next week!