Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to the World, Bradford Elizabeth Williams

My cousin Elliot and her husband Chris had an amazingly beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Her name is Bradford and she is just perfect. Rob and I are keeping our niece for the weekend so we all went up to the hospital in Birmingham to visit them yesterday. It is so easy to forget how tiny they are. Bennett is only 5 months old (today actually!) and I have already forgotten how tiny newborns are. Bradford is so adorable and we are so happy for Chris, Elliot, and big brother Wyatt.

We took this photo for my grandmother. We thought she might want to see two of her grandaughters and three of her great grandaughters all together. We sure do like girls around here!

While we were still in Birmingham we went to visit my other cousin Erin who was in town to meet her sister's baby. She and her husband Jay loved playing with Bennett. They are practicing for their new baby due in November. Bennett loves them and would have stayed with them all day.

Emmie loved playing with her Uncle Eddie. We were all so happy to be together and know that Bradford was here and safe and we can't wait until she and Bennett are old enough to play together, just like I played with her Mom when we were little.


Brittny said...

tell them congrats for me! she's so cute!!!! i can't believe that bennett is 5 months old!

Unknown said...

such sweet pictures! she is precious!
I will definately have to check into the acting class thing for Madeline, I am sure she would be a natural and she is only 7.

Anna said...

oh yeah! another girl!!! please give elliot a hug and congrats from us!