Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby

We got a lot of classical music CD's for Bennett before she was born. We heard that would make her even more brilliant than we knew she would be and I read somewhere that it would make her ace her SAT's by the 6th grade. So, I bought into it and started playing anything that would make her an early smarty pants- Bach, Beethoven, Mozart... all the good stuff. I have always assumed that she liked it. She never complained (not like she could) and it kind of calmed me down as well, so there you go.

So today I am holding her in my lap and I download a song from iTunes. It was just a pretty cool song I had heard lately with a strong beat and some cool guitar riffs. I didn't realize how loud the volume was on my computer so after it downloaded it just started playing. Bennett jumped a mile high so I reached over to the speaker to turn it down, but before I got a chance to lower the volume her legs started pumping. So I stopped. Then she broke into a wide grin. Then the legs started going faster. Then she smiled more. Then her whole body started shaking like she was in some smoky nightclub tearing up the dance floor. I think I played the song 5 times for her.

Tonight we are changing CD's. We honestly did get a baby Led Zepplin CD that I never really assumed she would like as much. However I don't think I have a smarty pants on my hand, but rather a future dancin' queen. So, tonight instead of Spring Allegro she's getting D'Yer Mak'er.


Hazen said...

Uncle Hazen strongly approves of playing Led Zepplin to the child, and recommends mixing in a little Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Stacy said...

A little Led for the head helps 'em to be. I recommend "The Rain Song."

Sophie requested the new Bob Dylan CD this morning, then she wanted to dance to a live Iron and Wine record. Baby Einstein is at the bottom of the stack, at least for now.