Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Tis The Season?

So, I went to Hobby Lobby today which is a craft store here in Montgomery. I was looking for some cute ribbon for Bennett's room. I have some little things I want to hang on her walls and I was looking for some pink or green ribbon. Maybe with polka dots if I was feeling a little crazy. But, guess what? I couldn't find any. In a craft store. You know why? Because the entire store is decorated for CHRISTMAS!!!! The "ribbon aisle" that is normally filled with blue and yellow striped ribbons has been taken over by red and green plaid ribbons. Oh, and I needed some scrapbooking tape. To get to that aisle I had to walk past three aisles of wreaths, candles, sleds, fake snow, and holly. I know stores have been decorating earlier every year, but seriously- isn't July pushing it?

And so I didn't get ribbon. I guess I'll have to wait until January.

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The Khans said...

What!!! That's crazy. I thought before Halloween was riduclous, but come on now. Do people really get ready for Christmas now, already??? I feel your pain.