Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big milestone (supposedly)

My parents were watching Bennett Tuesday morning while I was at work and they swear up and down that she rolled over, twice!

Me: (almost crying) NO! Did she really?
Mom: Yes! And your Dad saw it too!
Me: But, just like on her side, right? Because I've seen her do that.
Mom: No, on her stomach- all the way over
Me: But, not really on her stomach, I mean, kind of like on her side with her head arched back
Mom: No, Lauren- all the way over! On her stomach. Period.
Me: Crap.

So, my fears have come to fruition. I have already missed one of her big firsts. Now, if she sits up or talks for the first time while I am away, I will lock myself in a room with her and won't leave until she walks. So anyway, I come home and put her on her mat and ready myself with the video camera. Nothing. I push her, tickle her, press her legs- nothing. Well, nothing but smiles and coos. Rob comes home. We wait. The video camera is charged and ready and still nothing. Yesterday, back on her mat- nothing. Today, nearly 48 hours after the big roll over, nada.

So, now I am breathing easier. I think Grandmom and Grandad had a little too much cold medication that morning if you know what I mean. I am just going to pretend that it never happened. I am not entering it in her baby book until I see it for myself and they aren't allowed to keep her anymore unless I have a webcam with me at all times.


dad said...

I can't say what we were on but it wasn't cough medicine. Still, she did turn over. I may be old, and borderline senile, but I can assure you that it happened. I'm sure she will save other milestones for you...maybe.


Lori Mercer said...

LOL!! Too funny! I can so relate! When Owen first started trying to smile there was a time when I wasn't real sure if it was an actual smile or just "gas" so I told him he had to do it again before I would write it down! Lo and behold a few days later he actually did it again and this time I was ready with the camera!! :) Hope you are having a great week!